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Thank you for visiting! Pls. take a moment to view my WEBSITE CONTENTS. This will give you a brief description of what every page contains. If you are interested to visit a certain page, just click on its title and it will bring you to that specific page. Enjoy your surf!!

  • Introduction: Get to know me more. It is really nice to have something to say about myself before going onto this website. Read more about where I came from and what I am right now. I bet you could also share with me an introduction about yourself in my Guest Book as well. You could even share with me your life story. I really love reading life stories of different people. Knowing how they've reached their level right now or even simply knowing what they've gone through in life. Pls. don't hesitate to share with me anything you feel like saying about yourself. I bet I'll acknowledge you for that.

  • Photo Album: You could say that I really love posing in front of the camera. I started enjoying the camera when I was in college. After having alot of poised shots for pageants during my college days, who will not enjoy the camera and distribute pictures to friends. I bet all of my college friends had a photo of mine. It's hard to be popular in school (just kidding!). In this page you'll see various photo of mine in different angles. I may not be so photogenic, but I could make a pose for the sake of it.

  • QUINTO Family Album: I believe that our family members are the most important persons in our lives. Eversince I was a kid I had been a family focused person and stand out to be somebody in our family. They've always been very important to me. In this page I would like you to get acquainted with my family members. I've always been proud that I grew up living with this kind of family, having parents who were so understanding, loving and caring. I am happy that the set of parents that I had were the best. I considered them my friends and simply enjoyed being around them always. They're cool!! Together with my brothers and sisters, we make the coolest family I could ever imagine.

  • My GUEST BOOK: To all my visitors, this page is for you. Pls. sign and enjoy sending me your comments and suggestions about this website. It is important that you visit this page, for every visitor that enters this website is to be acknowledge. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME!!! So sign in and be acknowledged. You don't have to comment, you can just say anything you want. Or even send a message to me.

  • My RESUME: I believe that people who are searching for jobs have always been ready with their resumes. For me, I just thought of including it in my website. Probably this could help you find out where I was employed for the past 7 years of my employment life or even, this could help me find a job for myself. After graduating from college, life was not that easy anymore, it was a hectic career facing life for me. I really did enjoyed it though since I've seen how I've reached the peak of my career. But sometimes, we should also take a step back and focus on what life has to offer, to face your lovelife. That's why I guess I am here right now. Well, see for yourself. If you're an Employer or a Staffing agency, pls. don't hesitate to contact me. I've included my contact details on this page. I bet you'll hear from me immediately.

  • Baguioweb Mailing List: Baguioweb has been part of our lives. In this website, you will view links to this wonderful listing created by Juny La Putt.

  • EMPLOYMENT Websites: A persons career lies on how he excelled in his employment. Experiences blended with education are some ingredients in landing to a decent jobs nowadays. In this website, let me assist you in finding your path to your career. I have included various employment websites that you may be interested to visit. Be sure to prepare your resume because if you're interested to look for a job via the internet, this could really help you out. Or should you have a decent job already, you might as well be interested to visit different companies or websites that are posted therein. So start SURFING and enjoy it while its hot.

  • HOODED NOMADS - Dark Age of Camelot:  This is the Official website of the Hooded Nomads Guild of Dark Age of Camelot.

  • FAMILY Reunion 2000: A compilation of photos taken during the Flores-Jubela Family Reunion at Chicago, Illinios. Likewise two other occasions were celebrated last May 13-16, 2000 which was the birthday party of Tita Grace Galia and the graduation of Jason Misner, the cousin of Sonny held at Iowa.

  • Louisse's Heartbeats & Lovenotes: This website is a compilation of my favorite MIDI Files which I have gathered from different site on the web. Because of my LOVE for music and tunes, I decided to  put this MIDI files together and share it with you all.. I hope you ENJOY!!

  • Louisse's Special Poems& Music: This website contains a compilation of my ORIGINAL poems which I personally composed for Sonny, Sonny's poem for me when we were not yet together and some other inspired poems.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

  • Emmanuel "Sonny" Galia Jr.'s Personal Website: This is Sonny's Personal website with his compilation of Family portraits, links and email address of most of our friends.

  • SONNY & LOUISSE: The most important part of my life was when I met the man whom I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, the man whom I'll love forever. This was when I met Emmanuel "Sonny" Galia Jr. In this page you will see photos on how happily engaged we are. A brief story on how we really met, got close and fell inlove with each other. I believe it was DESTINY that brought us together and forever we shall be inlove with each other. I have also included some of our photos that were taken during his visit to the Phils. last August 1999. I hope you enjoy the pictures..

  • Our LOVESTORY: A romantic love story about how Sonny & Louisse met which is entitled " A Cyberspace Love Affair".

  • Our WEDDING Album: Last 3rd of March 2000, Sonny and I exchanged vows to each other sealing our love forever. We've taken pictures to remember this wonderful occasion in our lives. I would like to share to you  this very special moment through simply viewing our photos taken during the ceremony and reception.

  • Our POEMS: Here you will find the first poem we've personal composed for each other.

Thank you for visiting my website.. I hope you enjoy surfing. As a visitor, you are always very special to me. Pls. visit my Guest Book and don't forget to sign-in. Thank you!!

So far, that is what I have in this website. Pls. consider this at the moment. You'll still have more to see very soon. Enjoy!!!!

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