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Anna Louise Quinto-Galia

Personal Introduction

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Greetings to all visitors!

My name is ANNA LOUISE QUINTO-GALIA,  grew up in Baguio City, Philippines. I spent most of my younger years at our first house located at Brent Road, near Pink Sisters Convent. I've left wonderful memories in that house after the tragic earthquake that struck us in 1990, which made us decide to transfer to Aurora Hill where the QUINTO families live. My dad Tomas  was born there while my mom, Violeta migrated in Baguio after their wedding.

I was considered very friendly and loving by most of my friends and schoolmates. I took my grade school in Brent School and  was transferred to St. Louis Laboratory School, where I graduated from Elementary. I took my highschool at St. Louis Girls' High School and finished my Bachelors Degree in Communications at St. Louis University.

Most of the exciting moments in my earlier years were spent during my days in Baguio City. I enjoyed lots of nice memories and good experiences which has molded my personality to what I am right now. I won some pageants that I enjoyed during my college days both in SLU and Miss Baguio. I was also an active member of TARGA Communications (TARGA 35), a civic action group, that dealt with rescue operations with the Philippine National Red Cross during calamities like the earthquake and typhoons and also joined Lingkod Bayan operations during the Holy week. I got hooked on using the 2meter bond and CB radios, where I enjoyed getting to know different personalities in Baguio. I used the callsign "India Lima Yankee (ILY) and Blueberry". We were the Berry's station with my sisters in Aurora Hill. I won't forget a tragic experience with my dad  when we retrieved the bodies of a mother and a baby in a landslide at Bayan Park years ago. We also distributed relief goods during those days and assisted Philippine National Red Cross with their drive. I was so active in most of the activities in Baguio City and in SLU during my college days. I have enjoyed being part of the Theatre Guild, Dance troupe and Human Sciences productions. But, right after graduation was a start of a new life. A life of maturity, independence and career.

After graduating, I was called to report at Phil. Long Distance Telephone in Dagupan City to work as a Telephone Operator. I was shocked since it was my first time to be away from my family and away from my hometown. The weather there was extremely hot and so opposite that of the weather of Baguio City, but life must go on.... After a year and a half, I decided to search for more exciting employment in Manila where I was employed in big communications companies as an Executive Secretary.

Luck came to me in 1998 where I was called for an interview at Westin Phil Plaza to work abroad. I worked as a PR & Marketing Executive at Gulf International Forum in Manama, Bahrain. Our company organizes big conferences and exhibitions in the Gulf and the Middle East. I've attended and organized one of the biggest conference held in Muscat, Oman last 5th and 6th of December 1998. Our company was known to be the best conference organizers in Bahrain. Being with Public Relations & Marketing lead me to experience dealing with various races and big time personalities in the Middle East which challenged me to pursue such position.  Living in the Middle East is not as easy as anyone can imagine. It has made me more stronger and independent as I lived alone although convenient with regards to pay and benefit.  I've ventured the smallest land in the Middle East (Bahrain) and enjoyed scenic spots that I've added to my collection. I had all the convenience that life has to offer but I felt unhappy at the end of the day. I've  worked there for 1 yr. and 3 months until my vacation was granted in July 1999.

It was when I was alone when I met a man whom I never expected I could spend the rest of my life with. I met Sonny Galia. We've first met in Hawaiian Webmaster, a listing that is administered by Juny La Putt from Hawaii. We exchanged emails very often and got to know each other. After awhile, I stopped corresponding with him because I got so busy at work. I never even thought that we could get that close after I joined Baguioweb, another listing that Juny La Putt administers. I enjoyed every posting in this subscription. People from this subscription came from all over the world but have roots and experiences that are memorable about the city of Baguio. Now if I am lonely, all I have to do is visit Juny La Putt's website of Baguio City and it's just a place like home. You can visit photographs of various scenic locations in this website and reminisce the wonderful experience you once had in this place. It is worth a site.

Everytime I think of Baguio City, the first thing that comes into my mind is the ambiance and cool weather that it has. I miss strolling in Session Road, the kissing rock in PMA, boating in Burnham park, the horses in Wright Park, the delicious pinapaitan and pinikpikan in the Slaughter House and mostly, the warmth and friendliness of the people. There is something in this place that people crave for. And for me, I am always proud to be a Baguio Girl and so are the rest of the residents of this place. Now people who've been to this place could always be proud that they've visited the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Its worth an experience. As the saying goes " Theres no place like HOME - Baguio City".

Now I am currently residing here in Fort Washington, Maryland with my husband, Sonny Galia. Can you imagine how the internet changed our lives? Well, if you're single and looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, get hooked with the internet and I bet it could change your life too. I would also like to invite you to visit our LOVESTORY page and read about how we've met. I believe that destiny has been part of our lives and living according to God's WILL will lead you to peace and happiness.

Enjoy life while you're young. Maximize time with what life has to offer and what happiness can give you. Create new friendships that could lead to wonderful relationships. Be friendly and unique. Don't forget to pray, for prayers are so powerful. Be thankful for what He has given you everyday. Thank Him for giving you LIFE. Thank you Lord!!

After reading my introduction, pls. don't forget to drop by my GUEST BOOK. You are very important to me. So pls. do sign in for me to acknowledge you later on. Thank you very much.

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