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Anna Louise Quinto-Galia

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Hello!! You've entered the most DARING part of this website. My Photo Album. You may not find my photos that amusing but I can assure you that they are certified ME. I can't change my features anymore. Thats it!! But most of my friends find me more charming in PERSON. They find me pleasant to be with. It's probably because I am an open-minded person that could easily  blend with different personalities and be flexible on how to deal with people. I enjoy being with people and I hope people enjoy being with me too. It won't be worth it acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Communications if I can't communicate. I guess I've mastered that part already. You can also find me as a very friendly and approachable person. For the past years, I have collected friends from different parts of the world. I am happy that they have considered me as  someone very special to them. Pls. share with me a webpage I have created for my friends with different some of their  photos. Come and visit MY FRIENDS webpage.

Well, it is really hard to deny that I hate the camera but the fact is that I enjoy posing infront of it and when the photo is developed, I'm just so excited to see how it looks like... Thats how simple but exciting my personality can be.

So see for yourself!!! ENJOY and HAVE FUN scanning my pictures.

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These are the different looks and aura of Anna Louise Quinto:

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Okay! Thats it! There would be more photos to be posted very soon. But before you leave this website, pls. don't forget to visit my Guest Book. You need to write something in there. You need to be acknowledge for staring at these pictures. So write your comments now!!! Just don't criticize my pictures...

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Date last updated: 12/28/2005 05:56:08 PM

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