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Sonny & Louisse's POEMS

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My Dream Of YOU A Poem for Louisse My Thoughts of YOU

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My Dream of YOU

Composed By: Anna Louise Quinto


As you came into my life unexpectedly

You became an impact tremendously

What a coincidence it could be?

Simply thinking of my ideal man recently,

I never thought it could be YOU instantly.


And then I prayed to God thoroughly,

To please mold that man for me

As I prayed and evaluated whom to choose

He showed me visions of whom to loose

And the again I prayed…


Thoughts of you came rushing in

Destructed and confused why this occurs

I thought of you again and then…

God says it must be YOU…


As I woke up dreaming of you,

I prayed dear Lord, Let it be him

Then thoughts of you came rushing in.

It was odd all the while it was YOU.


So I made up my mind to be with YOU

A LOVE so real, I thank God its YOU

And now I see the essence of Love,

True Love I could say was given ME.


Now as I love YOU thoroughly

I visualize a Life that can be

With the man loving and caring as YOU

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with YOU.


How I love YOU so dearly

I think of YOU wholeheartedly

As man I thought could never be

With Love I assumed and thought could be.


And now as we await to start a lifetime with each other

We spend time building a strong foundation for this relationship

A vision that once I thought could never happen

But is now a reality.


Always remember my love so dear

Fulfillment and contentment you’ll always hear

For I prepared myself to be

A friend, a lover, a wife and a soulmate can be.


Forever you’ll always be

My one true love given by thee,

I shall spend the rest of my life with YOU

A woman that is molded spiritually.


I will always dream of Reality

For you anything is seemingly

A blessing of God made into reality…

I will always love you forever…


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My Poem for you Louisse

From: Sonny Galia


All I ever dreamed of

Nothing can compare

Now or ever, my love

All I want is you, my dear

Love everlasting

Once in a lifetime

Unique and enchanting

Intimate and sublime

Sweet and alluring

Evermore be mine

Quietly the moment comes

Under the breeze and midnight palms

Into my life you tiptoe in

Nudging my sleeping heart to spin

To you my love I dedicate this

Only to you, sealed with a kiss…



Sonny Galia

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My Thoughts of YOU, Sonny

From: Anna Louise Quinto


Early in the morning as I awake

My thoughts of YOU comes rushing in

Minding that it will always seem

Amazing Love had ever been

Nothing could compare my love for you

Unique and amazing, its always TRUE

Enchanting as you've compared

Lovely & inspiring I could always share.


Gad has given me the sign thats its YOU

A dream that reality will come

Looking for that right man thats in que

Incredibly that DREAM has come true

And now my love, it will always be YOU.


For now as we start a new

Overwhelming LOVE thats meant for YOU

Remember that it will always be

Everlasting LOVE between YOU & ME

Victory in LOVE is awesome to see

Endless caress you'll always feel

Rendered in the most special way.




Louisse Galia

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Created By: Anna Louisse Quinto-Galia

12/28/2005 05:56:10 PM

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