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 Emmanuel T. Galia Jr.

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Anna Louise Quinto-Galia

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Click and see: Beauty & the Beast

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Some of our pictures taken during Sonny's visit to the Phils. last August 1999

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These are the special moments we spent together when he visited me in Baguio City. We enjoyed dining together and had a wonderful time visiting most of the tourist spots in Baguio City.

Come visit our webpage loaded with more photos from his vacation.

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These photos were taken during the Christening of Christian Louis last August 15, 1999 where Sonny & I were his  Principal Sponsors.

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This was taken at the airport during his departure from the Phils last August 1999.

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Here are some of our pictures with KYLE...

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We have consider the internet a very important part of our lives since we've cross our paths from this electronic technology. Visit our first website that was created by Sonny after our engagement in Baguio City last August 1999. See  BEAUTY & THE BEAST

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