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Greetings everyone! Welcome to the world of MUSIC! I would like to share with you a compilation of my favorite Midi Files. Pls. don't forget to visit my Guest Book before you leave this site or send me an email regarding this website.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface; it's computer interpreted music. MIDI files are just coded instructions that tell the soundcard which instrument sound to produce, at which note, and for how long... sort of like sheet music. Most PC soundcards use a method known as FM Synthesis where different instrument sounds are created through algorithms. Another method of music generation is Wavetable. Wavetable plays record ed sounds of real instruments, therefore the music sounds more natural.

In order to listen to these MIDI files your computer must have a soundcard and MIDI drivers. If you are using a Macintosh computer, you'll probably need to acquire the latest version of Quicktime audio. As for something to play the MIDI song, your Netscape Navigator 3.0 should have built-in MIDI audio support. If not, you can always download a version of the Crescendo inline MIDI plugin. As for Windows95 users who want a program to play multiple files, you can also try out MIDI Musicbox.

I created this site so that people can download and enjoy MIDI on their computers. Internet Explorers, Netscape Navigator version 2.0.1 or above is recommended. This site has various song files available for download. You should be able to click on the song title to play the song. 

The files found in this archive are a small portion of my personal MIDI collection. I've selected only the very best and want to share it with you. I give very special thanks to the many talented musicians out there who sequenced these songs. The absolute best way to find MIDI files are through web pages like mine. You'll be surprised how much you can get by doing a search on the key word "MIDI"...  Happy hunting to you MIDI enthusiasts out there... and if you're not currently a collector, I hope visiting my page will be a great discovery of a new interest.

Now lets us enjoy listening to some of my favorite MIDI files.    midi_music.gif (1866 bytes)

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Created By: Anna Louise Quinto-Galia

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